Good to know | 11 July 2017

How to #Instacar

You love cars, both your own and the Mercedes-Benzes you see on the roads. And to capture them in all their splendour requires a bit more skill than simply letting your smartphone settings pilot the way. Here are 5 pointers for upping your game: 

1. Unlike images of people and food, cars are strongly three-dimensional with a lot of volumetric proportion. To optimise the powerful filters and effects available when posting to Instagram, you need flawless composition. 

2. For an Instapost to do justice to the intricate surface details, lines and proportions of a Mercedes-Benz, the default width of smartphone photography is not ideal. Wide-angle photography distorts and bloats a car, especially when you're photographing from the rear, in a low position. 

3. The remedy is to use zoom, which might influence sharpness a bit by exacerbating camera shake, but that's easily countered by proper posture. Bend your knees and tuck in your elbows to create a stable platform when you're photographing. 

4. Beyond pinching the screen to zoom perspective, tidiness is a vital attribute for quality car images. Strong vertical and horizonal lines in the background will cause unpleasant visual tension. Your borders also need to be tidy. Keep road signs, tree branches, lampposts and power lines out of your composition unless they add unique interest.

5. One of the strongest compositional techniques is to guide the eye through your image. A car on a beautifully curvy mountain pass photographed from an elevated position will get your followers tagging in approval.

Happy shooting and posting – tag us on @mercedesbenzsa!

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Lance Branquinho

Lance Branquinho is a Namibian-born writer and photographer based in Cape Town.

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