Let your star shine

With exclusive Mercedes-Benz LED accessories

Make a statement every time you make an appearance.

Mercedes-Benz has been offering stars for years. Now, we're letting them shine so you can make your mark with the LED Logo Projector or leave a lasting impression with the Illuminated Star.

The Illuminated Star
Thanks to fibre-optic cables and cutting-edge LED technology, the chrome-plated star emblem on your Mercedes-Benz grille will have the power to light up every time you remotely lock, unlock or open the door or tailgate.
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The LED Star Projector
These state-of-the-art projectors come in sets of 2 and are custom-made to fit the exit lamps of your front doors. Every time you open the doors, the legendary Mercedes-Benz logo is projected onto the ground below to create a pattern of light and shade so iconic that it simply can’t be ignored.
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