The best protection for your vehicle.

We did not stop with Agility Finance, why should you? Now you can get affordable insurance designed to
protect the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) of your Mercedes-Benz, with added flexibility and security.

The best comprehensive cover for your car.

The best comprehensive cover for your car.

1. Deposit Protector

How will a Deposit Protector help me?

In the event of a total loss, (theft) or a write off (accident) of your vehicle, the Insurer will pay a portion of your initial deposit towards your replacement Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

2. Comprehensive Insurance;
Scratch & Dent

How will my Agility Insurance Policy help me keep my vehicle in showroom condition?

We have included Scratch and Dent Insurance cover in your Agility Insurance Policy so you may claim for small scratches and dents during your Insurance Policy Term.

Limit: R3,000
Guarantee: 3 year guarantee in repairs

3. Shortfall Cover

Why do I need Shortfall Cover on my Agility Finance Contract?

In the event of total loss (theft) or write off (accident) of your vehicle, we will settle any shortfall that may arise between your Finance Settlement Vale and Insurance Claims Settlement. We offer a limit of up to R500,000