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A masterpiece of intelligence. With each flourish of ingenious technology and each stroke of delightful styling, the E-Class’s innovations set the path for future generations of Mercedes-Benz models. A milestone in semi-autonomous driving and safety systems, the E-Class is indisputably the world’s most intelligent business saloon. 

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  • E-Class

    Launched in 1993, the E-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s executive mid-size luxury vehicle.

1993 The first W124, later to be renamed the E-Class, is introduced to market.
1994 The facelifted W124 debuts as the E-Class.
1995 The second generation E-Class (W210) is launched.
1996 The E-Class is Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year.
1999 The E-Class (W210) gets a facelift, including visual, mechanical and qualitative improvements.
2002 The third generation E-Class (W211) is launched.
2006 The E-Class (W211) gets a facelift, Sensotronic is dropped and Pre-Safe is made standard.
2009 The fourth generation E-Class (W212) is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.
2013 The E-Class (W212) receives a major facelift.
2016 The fifth generation E-Class (W213) arrives as the most technologically advanced vehicle Mercedes-Benz has produced to date.


Enter the masterpiece. Athletically elegant, sculpted for supreme comfort, and with ingenious intuition and driving assistance systems allowing you to take your hands off the steering wheel for sustained periods at a time, the E-Class arrives as a vision of the future. From being able to charge a Qi enabled mobile phone wirelessly to changing lanes by itself, the new E-Class offers numerous technologies that no vehicle has offered before.

A masterful silhouette impresses with dynamic lines and classic confidence. The intelligence begins in the eyes - gleaming blue, new MULTIBEAM LED headlamps boast 84 individually controllable lights. Each automatically adapts to visibility conditions, allowing you to drive with your brights on, without dazzling other drivers. Further down the body, the shape is sculpted into record-beating aerodynamics (CD value: 0.23), minimising wind noise for a near-noiseless drive.

You can’t see intelligence, but you can feel it. Exotic yet sustainable woods flow from doortodoor. Leather caresses your skin on the sculpted seats, crafted to fit your muscles, with aromatherapy and hot stone massages as options. 64 ambient lighting colours cater to your every mood. A panoramic 12.3 inch screen unites navigation, entertainment and countless comfort features, with a second 12.3 inch instrument cluster as optional. Two smartphone-like pads control nearly all the car's features without you taking a hand from the wheel. 

The future is now. The new E-Class can follow other cars, overtake, accelerate, brake and even park itself.  Change lanes in traffic with a tap of the turn signal lever. New AIR BODY CONTROL offers poised handling and a polished ride, autonomously adapting to the groove of the road, from slick turns to leisurely cruising. Self-tuning every few milliseconds, the E-Class’s turbo-charged engine consumes as little as 3.9l/100km, moving confidently and seamlessly through its new 9-speed automatic transmission. 

Intelligence made brilliant. That the E-Class can sense an impending collision, even from cross-lane traffic or pedestrians, and automatically brake for you, is just the beginning. It's the first car that can cover your ears before a crash. Sensing an impact, the E-Class emits safe "pink noise" that pre-triggers your ears' natural defence against the loud noise of an accident. In a side impact, its innovations are once again on your side. Sensing the coming impact, your seat bolster rapidly inflates and pushes you out of the way, diminishing the force of the collision. 

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