Mercedes-AMG GT C


Mercedes-AMG is blowing even more fresh air into the AMG GT family with its release of the AMG GT C Roadster. With an output of 410 kW and peak torque of 680 Nm, the AMG GT C is the most powerful new Roadster variant and uses some of the technical refinements of the AMG GT R, such as active rear axle steering and the electronically controlled rear axle locking differential. The Mercedes-AMG GT C also takes its lead from the AMG GT R in terms of looks: the wider rear wings create space for a wider track and wider wheels at the rear axle, allowing even higher cornering speeds and best traction.

Mercedes-AMG GT C: 
Fuel consumption, combined: 11.4 l/100 km; 
CO2 emissions, combined: 259 g/km.*


  • Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

    Design to reignite the thrill of open top driving; the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster extends the idea of feeling the wind in your hair throughout the rest of your body. Feel the added poise and control of the wider body as you lay down the power of the 4.0-litre biturbo V8 engine.



Classic roadster styling is what makes the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster so alluring. The long front end, coupled with the customary drop top - which takes only 11 seconds from closed to open - and AMG styling result in the perfect balance of poise and edginess.

Open up your imagination in only 11 seconds. Taking design cues from the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster has aggressive styling: a wide stance, sharp curves and the AMG Panamericana grille.

The elegance inside the cockpit of the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster is unmistakable. Crafted to deliver the most fully immersive top-down driving experience, the aircraft-inspired styling really does everything to make taking in the beauty that surrounds us as comfortable as possible.

Taking many features from the Mercedes-AMG GT R and adapting them into a ride that is distinctly a grand tourer, the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster delivers 410kW of power and 680Nm of torque. This results in performance that’s as breathtaking as its staggering good looks.

The glory of the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster is punctuated by the fact that all of its performance and design achievements are grounded with safety measures to deliver a truly amazing ride. The AMG Braking System and AMG Ride Control Sport Suspension offer complete peace of mind so you can really take in your surroundings with the top down.

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