Mercedes-AMG GT R


The design of the AMG GT R embodies sensual clarity – hot & cool. In addition to the generated powerfully modelled body design and the motorsport elements the new AMG Panamericana Grill gets extra attention. A special engineering achievement is the completely new, active aerodynamic profile, which is almost invisible – hidden in the underbody of the motor and is made from light carbon. The resulting Venturi effect produced results in suction that pulls the car tighter to the road while reducing lift on the front axle by 40 kilograms at a speed of 250km/hr. Fun guaranteed! Fuel consumption combined: 11.4 l/100 km; CO₂ emissions combined: 259 g/km.*

Mercedes-AMG GT R: 
Fuel consumption combined: 11.4 l/100 km; 
combined CO₂ emissions: 259 g/km.*

  • Mercedes-AMG GT R

    Meet the Beast of the Green Hell. Every inch of its fibre has been created to deliver one thing: the ultimate driving experience. The advanced technology of the Mercedes-AMG GT R brings our motorsport origins to the fore in a roaring blur of green.


It’s undeniable that the Beast of the Green Hell exists for one purpose: to invoke pure speed. The newly designed body and active aerodynamic profile make it clear that the Mercedes-AMG GT R means all business, all the time. Wider wheel arches and the new AMG Panamericana grille house the 4.0L V8 Biturbo engine and promise unadulterated performance in every regard.

Like the roar of its engine, the Mercedes-AMG GT R is designed to scare you, while drawing you into its unrelenting grasp. Every line and curve is simultaneously scary and beautiful. The AMG Panamericana grille makes the Mercedes-AMG GT R’s brutish smile inexplicably enticing.

The cockpit of the Mercedes-AMG GT R urges you to unleash the beast. Each dial and instrument is intentionally situated to offer the perfect driving position, encouraging you to let the beast run free. The meticulously crafted AMG Sport Bucket Seats let you confidently control the untamed 430kW of at your disposal.

Every part of the Mercedes-AMG GT R is created with a single goal: get the beast to perform at its absolute best. Advanced features, brought in directly from the AMG racing division, include a brand new aerodynamic profile, which actively provides more control without compromising stability. AMG rear-axle steering lets the beast put down its mighty power in every turn, while the AMG Ride Control Sports Suspension gives you complete freedom of your preferred setup.


The AMG Traction Control system gives you the confidence to guide the beast safely around any turns, while the AMG High-Performance Composite Braking System will take care of the deceleration when you need pull the reins. The fade-resistant ceramic compound ensures that the brakes will last longer than ever before.

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