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5 Lifestyle Sites That Will Change Your Life
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Good to Know

5 Lifestyle Sites That Will Change Your Life

From what to wear to where to wear it – and everything in between – these five websites will change the way you shop, travel and live.

Inspiration can be as simple as a swipe or a click. When it comes to luxe living – whether it’s must-have items, exclusive holidays or the latest in modern design – these sites will upgrade your lifestyle and your browsing session.

Robb Report

There’s luxurious and then there’s just plain lavish. Robb Report – ‘the manual of modern luxury’ – is all about sheer bespoke living. In the market for a yacht, mansion, supercar or perhaps a small plane to fly to your private island getaway? Even if you’re not, surfing the web doesn’t get more aspirational than this. It may not be how you live, but it’s certainly how you want to.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa Collection

You’ve made a statement with your choice of premium car, so why not accessorise to match? The Mercedes-Benz Collection offers a range of prestige products, from watches and clothing to golf accessories and gifts for the Mercedes-Benz aficionado, each characterised by the distinct design and quality standards that have always put this luxury automotive brand streets ahead. 


In 2005, Thrillist was nothing more than an email newsletter sent by two college buddies to 600 of their friends in New York, covering where to sit down for a decent glass of wine or pick up some fashionable threads. These days, this massive media outfit is an authoritative voice on all things trendy with sections ranging from food and drink, travel and tech to entertainment, ‘grillist’ (their dedicated braai page) and even sleep – truly all the best things. 

Atlas Obscura

If holidays off the beaten track are your thing, conventional travel websites may not take you there. Enter Atlas Obscura, a site dedicated to hidden gems, curiosities and the spirit of exploration. Whether you’re after a pair of mysteriously large white marble lions set just off the road on Route 66 or a quaint cottage teetering on a rock in the middle of a river just outside a Serbian village, this site will point you in the right direction. 

High Snobiety

If the word ‘streetwear’ conjures up images of teenagers in baggy jeans and scuffed skate shoes, well, you’re hanging out on the wrong streets. High Snobiety curates street culture and all things urban cool, from fashion, art and design, to pop culture and sneakers that cost more than your entire wardrobe.

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