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5 Genius Podcasts for Your Holiday Drive
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Good to Know

5 Genius Podcasts for Your Holiday Drive

Planning a summer roadtrip? Download your choice of awesome audio for the journey – and enjoy.

Kids in the car? No problem. Looking for a laugh to while away the time? We’ve got you covered! Prefer some spine-chilling audio moments? Look no further. 

Best for: Young children

To avoid the inevitable ‘Are we there yet?’ moments, distract them with Storynory. Offering everything from classic fairytales to contemporary stories – all in bite-sized chunks – means even your goldfish-memory child will pay attention until the end. 

Best for: Teens

For older kids, experiment with TED Talks: Kids and Family. They make interesting listening for everyone in the car and won’t make you want to block your ears! 

Best for: Humour

You’ve left work behind and you’re on the open road. For a few good belly laughs to get you into full holiday mode, look no further than The Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd. Choose from an impressive selection of 5-minute episodes and prepare to be tickled, especially when Dr Floyd battles time and space worms!

Best for: Suspense

Criminal is a true-life crime podcast for those who’re intrigued by darkness. Hosted by Phoebe Judge, every episode tells the riveting story of a different strange crime drama. The narration is excellent and the quality likewise!

Best for: General knowledge

Flex that grey matter people! Brains On! is ideal if you want to learn a little more about the world we live in. How does the internet actually work? Why do we find stuff cute? This is the podcast to educate you about… stuff. All the stuff! 

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