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Frankfurt Showstoppers: A Hypercar and Hydrogen

Frankfurt Showstoppers: A Hypercar and Hydrogen

A raft of innovative technologies and concepts are revealed at the auto industry’s most important annual gathering.

The 67th Frankfurt International Motor Show is unrivalled as a compass for where the automotive industry is heading. And electrification, autonomy and car-sharing apps are the disruptive concepts for 2017.

Mercedes-Benz never fails to impress at the Frankfurt event and this year, its show cars reveal the strategy of a dedicated R&D facility which spends R170m per day building the most sustainable future for customers. 

AMG Project OneAMG Project One

Star of the show is inarguably its AMG Project One. The first Mercedes-Benz hypercar has an F1 engine, leveraging the immense knowledge that engineers have gleaned from hybridisation. A 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, adapted to run on commercially available unleaded petrol, instead of race fuel, harvests additional power from four electric motors for a total system output of 740kW.

S-Class cabriolet and coupé (Mercedes-AMG S 63 and Mercedes-Benz S550 (previously S560) models) have their 5.5- and 4.7-litre V8 engines replaced by the 4-litre bi-turbo, reducing weight, boosting performance and establishing greater efficiency with lower emissions. All Mercedes-AMG S-Class coupés and cabriolets now feature the signature Panamericana grille, first seen on the Mercedes-AMG GT.

Mechanical upgrades aside, the two-door S-Class models also gain an Energizing comfort control function, which synchronises climate control, fragrance dispensing, infotainment and even seat heating and massaging functions.

GLC F-CellGLC F-Cell

Ecomobility is another top theme. GLC F-Cell is an example of this vision of the future vehicle  –  sustainable without any environmental or user experience sacrifice. It offers 437km of hydrogen fuelled range, with absolutely no emissions whatsoever and a production delivery date of 2019.

Mercedes-Benz EQAMercedes-Benz EQA

Then there’s EQA, Mercedes-Benz’s first pure electric vehicle. Dimensionally slightly shorter, but wider, than the current A-Class, EQA boasts electric power on both axles, making it all-wheel drive. Beneath the sleek three-door shape is a battery system capable of 500Nm, which gifts EQA impressive performance figures: 0-100kph in only 5 seconds. Best of all is EQA’s endurance; its range is an impressive 400km on a single charge, which takes a mere ten minutes to complete. 

smart also makes an impressive appearance at the show with the Vision EQ ForTwo Concept. This points very clearly to the future of urban mobility – a compact electric car tailormade for car-sharing. Powered by an electric motor and a 30-kWh lithium-ion battery, it promises to be able to drive autonomously to the nearest charging station when it isn’t full of passengers. Take a look:

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