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Mercedes-AMG A 45: Peak Hot Hatch

Mercedes-AMG A 45: Peak Hot Hatch

Explore four reasons why this ferocious ride is a real force to be reckoned with.

1. Stealthy or shouty

What does a hot hatch mean to you? Is it a family hold-all with a big engine and taut suspension? Nowadays these cars can't be so loosely defined; their appearances range from stealthy to downright shouty. The Mercedes-AMG A 45 is both. In its regular guise it's every inch a premium prospect, but fit the Mercedes-AMG-approved, Edition 1-inspired decals and accessory pack – R10k and R20k respectively – and you'll leave no-one in any doubt about your intentions. 

2. Safe as houses

The Mercedes-AMG A 45 – and A-Class in all its guises – comes fitted as standard with seven airbags, ACTIVE BRAKE and ATTENTION ASSIST, daytime running lamps and automatic rain-sensing wipers so there's no compromise on safety. Additional features such as lane departure warning system are also available. 

3. Grab hold of the reins  

Inserting 4MATIC AWD for spleen-tearing traction and a Speedshift twin-clutch gearbox with Race Start function has forever revolutionised the hot hatch. That all Mercedes-AMG competitors have followed suit merely reinforces this fact. No rival can match the Mercedes-AMG's acceleration figures though – 0–100kph in 4.2sec and AMG Driver's Package raises top speed to 270km/h. Numbers like that earn you maximum street cred.

4. Curve carving

Standard-fit AMG sports suspension and electronic voodoo from AMG Drive Mode Select, augmented with genuine downforce (optional AMG aero package) and you have a car that corners like it's on rails. For all its tech and computer controlled algorithms though, the driving experience is never overwhelmed. Just like the hottest hot hatch should feel. 

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