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SA's 7 Best Flower Destinations
Places to Go
Places to Go

SA's 7 Best Flower Destinations

It's early spring which means the West Coast is a wonderland of flowering bulbs. Here are seven of the best areas for blooming marvellous viewings.

The Western and Northern Cape's annual flower show after the winter rains is not just a pretty display. The flowers act as groundcover for unstable soil, allowing young perennials to take root in their shade. Because their heads follow the sun, these magnificent floral shows can easily be missed if you don't ensure the sun is behind you. 
These seven spots are guaranteed to impress.

West Coast National Park

Not far from Langebaan, this national park is an easy day trip from Cape Town. It's also close to the Namaqualand Flower Route and offers a splendid carpet of wildflowers saluting the sun.
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The spectacle may be on a smaller scale in this area, but that does not diminish the beauty on offer. It's large in nature's bounty. Expect an intense showcase of the Western Cape's most vibrant wildflowers.
Best car to get you there: The gateway to the Namaqualand deserves a gateway Mercedes-Benz. The compact and agile Mercedes-Benz CLA 200 makes the grade.

Biedouw Valley

A good alternative flower spot near Clanwilliam, although commercial rooibos cultivation has claimed some of the land. The plethora of wildflowers in early spring is still breathtaking.
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Opt for the road less travelled – the track from Citrusdal to Algeria. Ensure your trip is well timed so you don't arrive when the valleys lie in shadow and the flowers are having a nap. Blooms can be seen until late September.
Best car to get you there: Gorgeous vistas in all directions mean challenging roads. But they're no match for the Mercedes-Benz GLS 500. 

Skilpad Nature Reserve

This 930-hectare reserve, 700m above sea level, is part of the bigger Namaqua Nature Reserve and offers a brilliant display of the famous flowers, as well as a few lesser known <ital>vygies<end> such as Babiana and Mesembryanthemums.
Best car to get you there: The Mercedes-Benz G 350d for that supreme explorer feel. 

Namaqualand Flower Route

Roughly five hours north of Cape Town, this is the big daddy of flower shows, starting late July or early August. Swathes of wildflowers carpet the area around Garies, Springbok, Kamieskroon and Port Nolloth – a spectacle you need to see at least once in your life.
Best car to get you there: The efficient Mercedes-Benz GLC 350d 4MATIC means you can hot-foot it there and back on a single tank. 

Namaqua Nature Reserve

This semi-arid reserve boasts rock formations unique to the biome. During flower season these rock formations are adorned with skirts of wildflowers in a glorious colour palette. 
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