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How Air Can Save You Money...
Good to Know
Good to Know

How Air Can Save You Money... more fuel-saving tips every driver should know.

According to the Bloomberg Petrol Price Rankings, South Africans pay more of their earnings towards petrol than motorists in any other country in the world. And with the recent rise in fuel prices, it’s more important than ever to keep petrol and diesel consumption as low as possible. We asked some pros for tips.

1. Keep your tyres pumped

The flatter your tyres, the more fuel your car needs to move – so keep your tyres properly inflated. Take a few minutes every couple of weeks to check that your tyre pressure is at its optimum, advises Donovan Taylor, head instructor at the Mercedes-Benz AMG Driving Academy in Pretoria.

And remember that when your tyres are warm, for example after your car has been driven a distance, their pressure is significantly higher than when they're cool, such as after being parked overnight in cold weather. The recommended inflation pressure, often displayed on a label on the driver's-side doorframe, is a "cold" pressure.

2. Avoid stop-start driving

"Any hard pressing or jerky movements on the accelerator will cause unnecessary fuel to be burnt, so it's important to accelerate smoothly," says Donovan. "Try not to accelerate uphill to keep your speed constant, and on downhills let the momentum assist you. Also try to avoid driving in stop-start traffic, as first and second gears use the most fuel."

If, like most motorists, you often have to drive in heavy traffic, "judge the traffic situation ahead so you can coast towards slower-moving traffic or to a stop," suggests Nevern Naidoo, technical specialist at Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

3. Ditch the drag

"The less the drag, the less power is needed to move the car through the air," says Donovan. So take off your roof rack when you're not using it, and keep the windows closed. Donovan adds that although the air-conditioner does drain energy from the motor and therefore uses petrol, it's still more economical than driving with the windows open.

4. Leave behind unnecessary luggage

"Groceries, handbags, clothing, laptops and so on all add extra weight that you're paying to ferry around with you," says Donovan. This also applies to stuff you "store" in the boot, such as tools or gym equipment.

5. Keep to the speed limit

"The faster a car goes, the more power is needed to push it through the air," says Donovan. "The average sweet spot for modern cars is 80-100 km/h."

6. Keep your car in tip-top condition

"Vehicles that aren't serviced regularly don't run optimally," says Nevern. Keep your car in good condition by attending to running repairs immediately and have it serviced regularly.

And if you're driving a Mercedes-Benz… 

"Make sure the Eco button is on and that the Eco system is active in the instrument cluster – both should be green," says Nevern. "This function always looks for the best ways to save fuel, and the Eco display also alerts the driver as to the optimum driving style required to save fuel."

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