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The Ultimate in Serious Car Safety
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Good to Know

The Ultimate in Serious Car Safety

If you're considered precious cargo, Mercedes-Benz has the ultimate VIP solution for you.

It’s called Guard. And with it, your S-Class, G-Class or Mercedes-Benz GLE will look... just the same as its civilian siblings. 

That's because for the past 50-plus years, the philosophy behind Guard means being discreet.

And bullet-proofing is key. Guard vehicles can be specced to offer a range of protection level from guns and blasts. Vehicle resistance (VR) levels are standardised ratings determined by bullet calibre. Mercedes-Benz builds its Guard range in two security grades: to comply with VR levels 1-4 (providing protection against small-calibre fire such as handguns), whereas things get serious from VR levels 5-10. Both the G-Class and S-Class offer the highest level of protection – levels 9 and 10 (resistance against high-velocity projectiles like sniper rifles and shrapnel). 

Guard isn't just a random addition of bulletproof glass and body armour – instead, vehicles are specially designed, built and tested from the ground up to ensure maximum agility and occupant safety. 

While the "gadgets" are configurable to the needs of each customer, the basics include a siren, two-way radio and integrated, automated heat sensor-operated fire extinguisher. 

Smoke grenades? So amateur when your Guard-equipped Mercedes-Benz has its own fresh-air system. Irritant sensors will close the cockpit vents and activate the fresh air system imperceptibly.

The brakes and running gear are uprated to cope with the extra weight of the integrated armour plating, and vehicles are subjected to the same safety and endurance tests as regular production vehicles. Run-flat tyres are also fitted with reinforced sidewalls that allow steering even when they are flat.

Sheet metal parts overlap at door and body seals to prevent stray shrapnel from entering at seemingly "weak spots".

The Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman is the latest addition to the Guard range and the world's first series-production limousine with the highest protection level. Even if you're not the Pope, Lady Gaga or a president dodging mobs calling for your fall, you're forgiven for wanting to own one. 

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By: Braam Peens

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