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What You Need to Know About AMG Extreme SkyDiving

What You Need to Know About AMG Extreme SkyDiving

Competition winner Ross Johnson says skydiving is the most AMG Extreme adventure ever.

Winner of the first AMG Extreme adventureRoss Johnson says his skydiving experience was "pure adrenaline", and adds: "If you want an untamed, extreme experience, skydiving is all that. It has definitely changed the way I see a lot of things."

Pro skydiver Mike Rumble, the drop zone operator for Mother City SkyDiving, guided Ross's adventure and tells us more about the extreme sport, including why you need to act like a banana.

1. It's perfectly normal to feel scared.
It took about 100 skydives before I started feeling comfortable with the idea of jumping out of an aircraft. Even after thousands of jumps, we're all hyper aware of what we are about to do every time that door opens. The fear never fully leaves, which is what keeps us all alive.

2. It's an addiction
The most common reaction is "I wanna go again!" And that "I wanna go again" feeling never goes away either. Every jump is different; no adrenaline rush is the same. There's always room for improvement - new skills to perfect, different aircraft to jump from, new places to jump, and new friends to fly with. We all want to go higher and fly longer, faster and further.

3. It's very safe
Statistically you're more likely to die from lightning or choking on your food than from skydiving. Parachutes were originally designed to save lives before recreational skydiving even came about. It has now evolved into a global sport with national and world championships in a wide range of disciplines.

4. You have to train for it
You can't just rock up and jump out of a plane on your own without proper training. That would be like driving an F1 car when you've only ever ridden a push bike. Beginners need to start with a tandem introductory skydive with a licensed, rated and experienced tandem instructor at an approved drop zone. 
After a full day of ground school training you can start on your solo skydiving adventure. 

5. You need to act like a banana
The standard free-fall position is to hold your arms and legs back, and push your hips forward. We call it the banana position, or rather the basic stable free-fall position. Essentially the heaviest part becomes your centre of gravity, and you use your arms and legs to control the airflow over your body to fly.

6. You have to try it - at least once
This is the original extreme sport and the most exhilarating experience that most people will ever have. It's pure unadulterated high-speed human body gravity-powered aviation in its purest form.

Sounds like something for you?

Visit MotherCitySkydiving.co.zato book your spot.

If you have a taste for AMG Extreme Adventure, there's still time to enter the last one, to be held in Joburg. Enter here

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