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The 2017 Silver Arrow Is the Fastest Ever!

The 2017 Silver Arrow Is the Fastest Ever!

As Mercedes-AMG Petronas launches this year’s F1 challenger, drivers look forward to a new era of cars that are grippier and downright madder. Did we mention faster?

Earlier today, three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and his new teammate, Valtteri Bottas, slid the covers off the new W08 EQ Power+ at the Silverstone grand prix circuit, revealing their entrant for the upcoming 2017 Formula One season. 

Shades of blue

The EQ Power+ tag will adorn all future Mercedes-AMG Hybrid models along with some hints of blue in the colour scheme to indicate their green credentials. Then, inside the beast, there’s a more durable architecture as each engine now is mandated to last five races instead of last year’s four.  

2017 sees the most emphatic changes in the sport’s technical regulations since the introduction of 1.5-litre V6 turbo engines in 2014. Fans can also look forward to seeing wider and more aggressive cars with bigger front wings, and shorter and lower ones at the back. The goal with these, combined with significantly wider tires, is to add downforce (and hopefully aid overtaking), which means faster cornering speed and ultimately translates into a faster lap time. 

How much faster?

Try the fastest F1 cars ever. Engineers suggest the new cars will be up to three to five seconds per lap faster than last year, of which about 2.5 seconds will be down to wider, grippier tyres. That means it will be possible to lap the entire Monaco grand prix circuit in under one minute and 10 seconds and at an average speed of 177 kph!

So will I see any of this stuff on my A-Class? 

Formula One sits at the bleeding edge of technological innovation. The endgame in this 300kph laboratory may differ slightly from that of road cars, but the findings in the search of improved engine efficiency, hybrid technology and use of lightweight materials in particular, does eventually filter down to passenger cars – you may just not know that it’s there. 

Lewis’s first impressions after some wheel time this morning? Careful optimism. “It’s inspiring how everybody in the team is pushing harder than ever”, though team boss Toto Wolff is slightly more optimistic: “Excitement is the dominant feeling in the team right now”. 

More will be revealed when the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team, along with its rival teams, heads for pre-season testing at the Circuit de Barcelona before heading out to Melbourne for the season’s debut race on the 20th of March. 

Stay tuned for updates on their progress.

And if you want to unleash your own inner Lewis Hamilton, explore the Mercedes-AMG range of high-performance vehicles or sign up for an advanced driving course at the AMG Driving Academy in Centurion. 

Words: Braam Peens.  

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