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Lira's Summer Car Playlist
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Lira's Summer Car Playlist

Find out what the Disney songstress listens to in her car when she's free-wheeling during the holidays.

Enjoy some groovy beats as Lira revisits a few old favourites – and adds a few new ones – to her ultimate road trip soundtrack.

Artist: Lauryn Hill 
Album: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Three years before releasing my first album, <ital>Feel Good<end>, in 2006 I was listening to likes of Lauryn Hill and Mary J Blige. I think you can hear the influence. I still love this music because of its soulfulness. It's very real and very honest. Putting a groovy beat behind it makes it contemporary and current.

Artist: Stevie Wonder 
Song:You Will Know
Album: Characters
Stevie Wonder was a huge influence on me. He writes very elaborately, and for someone who's blind, it means he's got a very rich imagination. What resonated for me was that people were writing music that was so timeless, that was penetrating and infiltrating the rest of the world.

Artist: Coldplay
Album: Parachutes
I love their compositions. They're absolutely my favourite contemporary band right now and know just how to sing great melodies.

Artist: Laura Mvula
Album:The Dreaming Room
I'm loving Laura Mvula – she has a very different, very unusual sound. 

Artist: Sade
Album:Lovers Rock
Sade sensual, distinct sound is timeless. In my early career I drew on a lot of inspiration from her. With my Return to Love album, I started carving out a specific Lira sound.

Artist: Michael Bublé
Album:Nobody But Me
I don't have a specific song off this, it's just one of those albums I play in the car repeatedly. It lands easily on the ear and feels good in the heart. 

Watch Lira and comedian Loyiso Gola conquer the northern KZN terrain in the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé here.

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