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"I Thought I Might Die"

Alone and blinded by a snake bite in the Amazon jungle... that was the terrifying predicament facing SA-born adventurer Mike Horn on his Latitude Zero expedition.

"When my life is on the line, I feel alive," says Mike. But perhaps this near-death experience in the jungle was a little extreme, even for him. 

At the time the super-explorer, who's currently on a solo and unsupported crossing of Antarctica dubbed the Pole2Pole expedition, was on his quest to circumnavigate the entire planet along the Equator using no motorised transport – just his legs on land and the wind on the sea to power him. The Equator cuts straight across South America's Amazon jungle, where a bite from a snake left him helpless and unable to see.

Watch here to see how he coped, and what kept this South African hero alive.

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