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The AMG Driving Academy offers you boundless possibilities to push your limits – with training and events around the globe. Meet interesting people with the same passion and enthusiasm for automobile performance while experiencing high performance technology in our Mercedes-AMG cars.

Course Instructor - Clint Weston

Clint Weston

I believe in combining pure adrenalin, high speed driving, maximum safety, education and passion for everything AMG stands for.


I have been involved with Mercedes-Benz and AMG Driver Training for 14 years and in the industry for 20 years, much the same as my professional motorsport career. I have a passion for cars. I drive them fast when I’m in a race going environment and drive them extra cautiously when I’m on the road where I need to be a safer driver. I train people to be safe drivers and in the same go I’m hopefully making our roads a safer place.

What I want to achieve with the AMG Driving Academy is vast. AMG is the epitome of high performance engines, design and technology. Our cars offer the most exhilarating experience you can ever have in your life. AMG adds a whole new meaning to high performance driving.

When one thinks AMG it must be about pure adrenalin, a high speed driving adventure coupled with maximum safety. This means, we need to be educated by way of advanced driver training and AMG product awareness conducted by our passionate team of driving professionals. Theoretically we’ll spend time with you appreciating what AMG is about, the rest will be done behind the steering wheel, as they say in motor racing “there’s no substitute for time spent behind the wheel”

Meet the team

Course Instructor - Donovan Taylor

Donovan Taylor

I have a passion for the brand as well as helping people in any way I can so being an instructor at the AMG Driving Academy ticks all the boxes in my criteria for day to day satisfaction. 

Course Instructor - Muhammad Hoosain

Muhammad Hoosain

My ultimate goal is to continue to pursue and share this passion I have for this career and to instill in others the ability to become safer drivers, all the while continuing to offer a heightened experience.  

Course Instructor - Valentino Meirotti

Valentino Meirotti

At the end of the day when drivers depart with better skills and brimming with confidence, I know I have helped put a better driver on our roads.

Course Instructor - Laren van der Westhuizen

Laren van der Westhuizen

Driver training ticks all the boxes of my passions and I can't think of a better way to spend a day than improving people’s skills in some of the best cars around.

Course Instructor - Ebrahim Mohammed

Ebrahim Mohammed

It is most rewarding to building someone from where they walk in very nervous & unsure, to being comfortable and able.

Course Instructor - Christoff Snyders

Christoff Snyders

Giving instruction on something that I love and being able to help someone with their driving skills is extremely rewarding.

Course Instructor - Auret Rossouw

Auret Rossouw

It is very rewarding for me to know that I can change someone’s attitude towards driving and understanding what a vehicle can do in different circumstances.

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