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Like a powerful ocean predator effortlessly gliding through water, the formidable Mercedes-Benz E-Class carves its way through the clutter and chaos of the contemporary world. A fusion of muscle, elegance and grace, its dramatic design evokes emotion and inspires confidence.  A benchmark of luxury in its segment, the E-Class makes a bold statement and issues a silent challenge: keep up if you can. 

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  • E-Class

    Launched in 1993, the E-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s executive mid-size luxury vehicle.

1993 The first W124, later to be renamed the E-Class, is introduced to market.
1994 The facelifted W124 debuts as the E-Class.
1995 The second generation E-Class (W210) is launched.
1996 The E-Class is Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year.
1999 The E-Class (W210) gets a facelift, including visual, mechanical and qualitative improvements.
2002 The third generation E-Class (W211) is launched.
2006 The E-Class (W211) gets a facelift, Sensotronic is dropped and Pre-Safe is made standard.
2009 The fourth generation E-Class (W212) is unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show
2013 The E-Class (W212) receives a major facelift.


Streamlined and elegant, the current E-Class is the result of the most extensive and elaborate mid-cycle redesign ever. For the first time, the model is not sporting its characteristic twin headlamps, but the new one-piece units are every bit as eye-catching. Sporting a sleek, flowing profile, it boasts class-leading aerodynamics and lives up to the badge that adorns its grille.

Catch a glimpse and you’ll be smitten. Every part of the E-Class’s exterior tells a story: from the expressive, curved wing design of the front bumper to the bold contour lines that rise as they stretch back from the nose to the tail. Ready to take up any challenge, the E-Class radiates unmistakable confidence.

High class meets high quality in the inspired interior of the E-Class. An expression of rich refinement, its timeless interior will never lose its charm. Two colour screens – one integrated into the centre of the three-pod instrument cluster and the other rising out of the dash – work in tandem to feed you information. Generously spacious with extraordinary comfort, it’s a cabin fit for royalty. 

Boasting the largest range of engine variants across any model, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From BlueEFFICIENCY and BlueTEC HYBRID variants that offer great fuel consumption and keep emission figures low, to the powerful turbocharged V6 and V8, there’s one to suit every taste. Cutting-edge technology is present throughout the rest of the impressive E-Class, including an array of assistance systems and intelligent convenience features

Everyone could do with an extra set of eyes – and in the E-Class that’s exactly what you get: virtual eyes on the road that watch for anything you might not see. With innovative technology such as COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS, which can brake autonomously, and ATTENTION ASSIST, which will keep you alert, the road is safer.

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