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Right from the outset, the GLA was designed to be as multifaceted as its adventurous owner. Its agile form able to switch effortlessly between tar, track, and tundra. The 2017 facelift doubles down on that jack-of-all-trades identity, turning it to a truly evolutionary machine, able to redefine its role at the touch of a button to suit whatever situation you may find yourself in.

  • GLA

    GL: The GL indicates this vehicle's off-road stature nature A: This letter refers to the classic Mercedes-Benz hatchback, the A-Class which was launched in 1997.

2013 The GLA unveiled as a concept at the Shanghai Auto Show and later officially introduced as the Mercedes-Benz entry in the luxury compact crossover segment at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The Concept GLA 45 AMG is unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
2014 The first GLA (X 156) arrive in showrooms. The GLA 45 AMG is unveiled at the North American International Auto Show.
2015 The GLA is released in the South African market.


The core of the GLA’s incredible flexibility is its DYNAMIC SELECT switch – a control nestled in the centre console that makes a complete attitude change only a twist away. Choose between one of four distinctly different drive models, ranging from the balanced ‘Comfort’ setting to the consumption-conscious ‘Eco’ mode. If it’s agility you’re after, switching to ‘Sport’ mode will free up the steering while dampening the differentials in anticipation of the action to come. Finally, the ‘Individual’ drive program allows the driver free rein to define their own parameters, allowing variation in everything from the steering to the powertrain and suspension.

Seen from the side, the new GLA sits comfortably above the road, but anyone who’s seen it in action knows that this can change in a heartbeat. Robust lines follow through from a compact rear to the upgraded bumper, lending its visage a new, determined grin, while its redesigned grille radiates confidence with every throaty breath

The interior of the new GLA is just as chameleonic as its handling. Elegant, sporty or stylish. Give the GLA a piece of your own personality when you decide between the distinctly different style packages. The AMG line is ubiquitously sporty, featuring chequered flag instrumentation, while the Urban line takes on a more austere aspect with light grey leather sports seats. The Style line is particularly noteworthy, featuring patterned, two-tone leather seats that evoke a distinctly off-road aesthetic.

Naturally, such a versatile vehicle comes equipped with a suite of technology to complement every adventure. Smartphone Integration takes the user’s device out of their hands and onto the dashboard, where apps like the media centre can be operated efficiently without taking your eyes off of the road. Also new to the GLA are the four networked cameras surrounding its ample exterior, giving the user a holistic view of the world around them and reducing the risk that the car might run aground on any low-lying obstacles.

The GLA’s 4MATIC all-wheel drive is not only a defining feature of the vehicle’s character but a proactive safety feature in itself. The 4ETS dynamic handling control system monitors each individually driven wheel, using brake interventions to keep them from slipping out of sync. When traversing treacherous terrain, ESP® adjusts the engine output as needed, instantly counteracting any swerving movement as it occurs. Combined, these features create a vehicle that can stabilise itself before the driver even realises the danger. 

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